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At the end of 2018 I went to visit the Hythe Imperial with a view to it being our potential wedding venue – I then had a month long (impatient!) wait to allow my other half see it too – and at the end of that visit we signed on the dotted line. Everything about the Imperial ticked our boxes that we were looking for – the staff were friendly and couldn’t do enough (shout out to the two maintenance members of staff that helped me and Mum with so much stuff on Friday 1st Nov before my wedding!).

After some slight set backs when our original co-ordinator left, Deborah was just perfect, always at the end of an email or phone – there were perhaps slight confusions about what we were able to have and do, but Deborah sat us down and took the time to go through everything from the start, something which me and Hubby will be forever grateful for as it helped plug a few holes!

My brother is disabled and has quite important dietary requirements meaning he is unable to eat certain foods – the hotel kitchen and Chef (who we wish we could thank personally – thank you!) bent over backwards to ensure that whilst he was eating slightly different food, it was served as exceptionally as the other guests’ and no one would have been any the wiser. David as the Food and Beverage Manager was on point throughout the entire event – always there with a smile; we didn’t know where you got your energy! And your serving team did you credit, such a polite group of people always there to top up your glass.

The hotel itself is stunning – we were lucky enough to be there just after they had finished re painting the exterior and she looked beautiful inside and out – the mix of old style architecture but decorated in a modern fashion was perfect for us and the ballroom is an absolutely stunning venue.

The weather was ..shall we say…slightly stormy on the 2nd November and the way the hotel dealt with a few odd leaks from the roof of the terrace was seamless – Deborah and Russ were apologising but honestly, we weren’t fussed in the slightest – when the beach has disappeared and the waves are coming up over the road, and the wind and rain are howling from every direction possible, it’s not an unexpected thing that a roof springs a little leak!

The actual ballroom was fine and once the weather had subsided, you’d never even had known about the terrace. Me and Mum stayed overnight on the Friday in order to be there ready for Saturday – me in a classic and her in a family – absolutely no complaints at all. Lovely comfy bed and showers for both of us, with more than enough room in the family suite for myself, 4 bridesmaids, Mum, hairdresser, make up artist and photographer!

Mother of the Bride

Wanted to send a huge thank you for our daughter Zoe’s wedding on the 2nd November. It was the most wonderful day. Due to your efforts and the dedicated team you have, the day was so well delivered, everyone had a wonderful time.

If you have had the chance to see any photos, you’d see that Zoe was most definitely not a nervous bride in the end. Every picture shows her full of joy. We believe this is because of your personal care and reassurance to Zoe and Lewis (and me!), before and during the day. It was also due to the very professional staff and organisation throughout the day.

Please could you pass on our thanks too to Russ and David, Chef and last but definitely not least, the (mostly) young waiters who did an amazing job.

The day after the wedding, the hotel had a wedding fair. I think it’s testament to Zoe’s feelings that when a young couple stopped us on the stairway to ask for directions to it, she proudly pointed out that the colour scheme was hers from the day before and that she would, ‘definitely recommend Deborah and the hotel for their wedding’.

Our thanks to you all for making our very special daughter’s wedding a very special day.