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Vegan Wedding Planning

If veganism plays an important part in your life, it’s only natural that you’ll want to invest time in vegan wedding planning for your big day. Being a vegan is no longer just a plant-based dietary trend but something that can reduce your carbon footprint and help you enjoy an eco-friendly, cruelty-free existence. So with this in mind, here’s your guide to planning a vegan wedding.

Think About Vegan Catering

When it comes to vegan weddings, it’s important to think carefully about the menu. It’s likely that you’ll have a mix of vegan and non-vegan wedding guests. So, why not offer a vegan buffet with a wide variety of food choices? This will allow people to try various vegan dishes casually without the restrictions of a more formal sit-down menu.

Vegan buffet choices can include everything from stuffed mushrooms and spinach filo parcels to vegetarian paella, vegan curry and more. Dessert options range from fruit sorbet and apple tart to mixed berry shortcakes. To keep people going after the ceremony and before the buffet arrives, how about serving vegan canapes such as chickpea falafel or courgette fritters with beetroot dips?

Order a Vegan Wedding Cake

With vegan weddings becoming increasingly popular, many suppliers have tweaked their cake services accordingly and now offer sustainable, ethical and carbon neutral cakes that still have the WOW factor. While traditional baking uses butter to whip air into a batter and eggs for structure, stability and leavening, vegan cakes tend to rely on oil, baking powder and baking soda instead. Made with love and ethics, vegan cakes come in all different flavours and designs, so be sure to do a spot of taste testing and find a skilled cake designer to make your dreams come true.

Find a Vegan Wedding Dress

Ethical and environmentally-friendly celebrations are becoming a wedding industry norm, with Princess Eugenie recently enjoying a plastic-free wedding day. There are now many options for those who live a more sustainable lifestyle with beautiful vegan wedding gowns offering an abundance of glamour. These shun silk, pearls, wool or leather in favour of 100% animal-free fibres such as organic plant-based fibres and sustainable recycled artificial fibres. If you want a vegan dress, be sure to do your research, create a Pinterest board of your favourite bridal gowns and choose something that not only looks great but matches your lifestyle too.

Make the Most of Vegan Make-Up

If you’ve been living a vegan lifestyle for a while now, you probably already have your favourite vegan beauty products. If you fancy something a little extra special for your big day, however, stick to reputable vegan make-up providers and look out for non-vegan ingredients such as lanolin (derived from sheep’s wool), shellac (which is largely insect based), glycerine (derived from animal fats), squalene (extracted from shark liver oil) and more.

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