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Planning to Propose this Winter?

Winter can be an extremely romantic time of the year with roaring fires and snowy hilltops making a perfect backdrop for an engagement. So how will you pop the question? Here are some engagement ideas to warm you heart.

Choose a Favourite Walking Spot

If you love nothing more than bundling up and venturing out to a beauty spot in the cold, then why not use this as a starting point for your engagement? Plan a romantic walk when the weather is crisp and sunny. Or snowy and picturesque. You might have to look at the weather closely or act a little spontaneously to get it just right, but just make sure you’re both in a relaxed mood. Weekends are ideal. As you walk, turn the conversation to your relationship and how happy you are. Keep the mood loving and serene until you get to the spot where you had your first date. Or somewhere you regularly go to unwind. Then drop to one knee and let out those all-important words. 

Have a Romantic, Firelit Dinner

Whether it’s a cosy corner in your favourite pub or at home with the flames flickering in the background, proposing in front of a fire during the winter months has a romantic charm. To ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible, make sure you’re alone and won’t be interrupted by children, friends or relatives. Cook or order some special food and maybe share a bottle of wine if you like to do so. When the mood is right you can then launch into a proposal. It’s up to you whether you get down on one knee or not but stay well away from the fire. And don’t drop the ring.

Plan A Winter Activity

There’s a pandemic going on. And while you might not be able to fly off for a spot of skiing, there are other things you can do such as a snowman building contest. Add a competitive element by building your snowmen back to back so you can’t see each other’s creations. From there, build your snowman so that it can hold a ring box. Then when the great reveal happens and you go to judge who built the best one, your other half will see the surprise.

Enjoy a Staycation

There’s something remarkably cute about a staycation. Sure you’re not jetting off anywhere exotic but to cosy up, just the two of you, can be a whole lot of fun. Make your staycation extra special by sprinkling roses on the bed, running a bubble bath, lighting loads of candles, playing games, watching movies under a duvet, going for walks and more. When you feel the mood is right, you can then complete your special adventure with a proposal.

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