What are the best months to get married in the UK?

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Choosing the month to have your wedding

Whether you want an outdoor summer wedding or a cosy winter affair, it’s important to think about the best month to get married for you as a couple. Of course, your decision may be based around the wedding availability of your chosen venue, but here are some tips and suggestions that might help.

Summer weddings

Summer weddings are incredibly popular in the UK and for good reason. While the British weather is notoriously temperamental, you’ve more chance of enjoying a beautiful marquee or lawn games during June, July and August than you have in November or December, for instance. An outdoor summer wedding can also mean strapless dresses and peep-toe shoes, or being able to get a host of wedding pictures outside without rain, sleet or snow making things difficult.

That said; summer weddings can be expensive as everyone from cake makers to photographers tend to up their prices during this peak wedding season. Friends and family living abroad might also find that the cost of flights soar making it difficult for them to attend your big day. With everything considered, it’s important to weigh up whether you can afford a summer wedding and what might help to reduce your overall budget. Some money-saving tips for tying the knot in summer include:

  • Getting married on a weekday, regardless of the month. Weekday weddings tend to be a lot cheaper than weekend dos, but always give your guests plenty of notice, so they can book the relevant time off work and make appropriate travel arrangements.
  • Embrace DIY to lower costs. Make your own wedding favours, decorations and cake if you have the ability. Or, call on people you know that might give you a discount for their services. Perhaps you’ve a friend that makes short films and could record your wedding. Or, a relative that’s a hairdresser and wouldn’t mind doing your wedding hair.

Winter weddings

As a rule, the price of weddings tends to fall during the winter months. Venues are often cheaper with many sun seekers preferring not to tie the knot in the cold. This is great news for anyone who has always envisaged a cosy setting, furry boleros and delicious food to warm the soul. If you choose a beautiful indoor location available at wedding venues, Kent, you won’t have to worry about the weather and can instead focus on enjoying your big day. In fact, knowing it’s going to be cold can somehow make choices easier as you can focus on opting for a warm, comfortable setting rather than toying with an outdoor reception.

Winter weddings have other benefits too. While there’s always a chance of rain, crisp, icy mornings make for beautiful photographs. You might also like the thought of a festive wedding with Christmas being a time for love, family and feel-good moments. If you do tie the knot around Christmas, however, be aware that prices may increase.

Autumn and Spring

Spring is a beautiful season. It’s a time of new life, new opportunities and hope which could be symbolically appropriate for your wedding. Take note of big dates throughout spring, however, such as St Patrick’s Day in March as your friends might have made other plans.

Autumn is also a popular, yet relatively inexpensive season to tie the knot. Once the hustle and bustle of summer has died down, prices tend to fall back to a normal range and the seasonal change can certainly work in your favour. Autumnal colours are warm, rich and heart-warming. Trees with autumnal leaves can make for excellent photo opportunities and perhaps you can have an autumn wedding theme complete with purples, oranges, reds, fresh greenery and large bowls of fruit such as plums and apples on the tables.

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