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If you’ve always dreamed of a huge wedding celebration with all your friends and family, now might not be the best time to get married. The global Covid-19 pandemic means there are many restrictions in place, and you’ll have to endure a smaller affair. If you simply want to tie the knot and don’t mind making cutbacks according to the latest pandemic regulations, then here is how to scale back your big day.

Speak to Your Wedding Venue 

First things first, get in touch with your venue and discuss your scaling back options. Think about how many tables you’ll need and work out a new ‘cost per head’ price. Usually venues charge according to how many people they’ll be catering for, so you should be able to get your money back. Make sure you understand the ins and outs of venue hire charge, however, and consider whether you really need that DJ or band. Independent entertainment providers will have their own terms and conditions regarding cancellations, but considering there’s a pandemic going on, they might be slightly more lenient.

Uninvite Wedding Guests

Uninviting guests is a horribly unpleasant task. And if you don’t feel comfortable telling people they can’t come to your wedding then postponing might be the best thing to do. If you still want to go ahead, there are things you can do to lessen the blow. Firstly, write to your guests explaining that the wedding won’t go ahead as planned due to Covid-19. Include an apology and a note stating you’d love to meet when you can. If possible, it’s a nice idea to suggest a way guests can join in your big day virtually. Perhaps you’ll be live streaming the event on a social platform. Or maybe tell them to head to your wedding website for an uploaded video of your special day. This will help them to feel more included. 

Eliminate Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

If you originally had multiple bridesmaids and groomsmen, choosing your favourite in light of Covid-19 restrictions might not look great. So it could be better to side-line these roles altogether. This isn’t an easy decision, but you could still send out special wedding favours to all those who would have made a big difference to your big day. It’s not every year we get hit by a pandemic and therefore people should be understanding. But a few kind words and a thank you gesture will help soften the blow. 

Think About Your Wedding Dress

If you’ve bought the dress of your dreams, that’s great. But think carefully about whether it suits your revised plans. There’s absolutely no reason why you can’t wear something sparkly and extravagant to a scaled back event. After all, you’re the bride. But if you’re thinking of having a smaller official wedding now and a huge party when you can, you might want to save your perfect dress for the second celebration. Or wear it twice. It’s really up to you. The only risk with saving your dress for later is that you don’t know when the next celebration will be able to take place.

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