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While Covid-19 might have put a dampener on your wedding plans, you can still get excited about your big day. In fact, lockdown is a great time to get creative and crack on with wedding tasks you might not have had time to do previously. You might also want to explore DIY ideas for an extra touch of personalisation. So here’s some inspiration.

Make a DIY Wedding Card Table

What better way to remember your special day than by reading special notes left by guests? To make this a reality, how about creating a DIY wedding card table? To do this, get hold of a large canvas and in the top left corner write ‘Leave a Love Note’ or something similar in a colour of your choice. Carefully add glitter or use silver paint for an extra touch of magic. Next, arrange a selection of envelopes over the canvas and secure them using double sided sticky tape making sure the opening of the envelope is facing forward. It’s a good idea to choose a range of envelope sizes to make your display interesting and opt for colours that complement your wedding colour scheme.

Next, source a beautiful wooden box. This can be modern or rustic depending on your taste. You can leave it plain and simple, paint it or sand it for a shabby chic look. Maybe even try decoupage? Attach a ‘cards’ sign to the open lid and place lots of blank cards inside. Of course, these should fit into the envelopes on the canvas.

Source Pictures for a Love Story Display

Look back to where it all began and the memories you’ve made since. Create a love story collage that you can display at your wedding venue or use the pictures to decorate the front pages of a wedding notebook. Another nice thing you can do is to print off your very favourite snaps of you as a couple onto glossy photographic paper. These can then be attached to string and used as wedding bunting. How about attaching this sort of bunting along either side of the aisle down which you will walk so you can see all your beautiful pictures before saying ‘I Do?’ 

Practice Your Calligraphy

If you’re looking for ways to kill lockdown boredom, an online calligraphy class could be a good idea. Practice the art of stunning handwriting and when you feel confident enough, use your newfound skills to write out your wedding invitations. Calligraphy looks beautiful on crisp wedding stationery and your guests will be so impressed when they find out you produced such wonderful invites yourself.

Practice Making Your Own Wedding Cake

Whether you’re getting married on a budget or hope to make your wedding as unique as possible, crafting your own wedding cake could be a wonderfully rewarding lockdown project. Practice baking the cake itself until you master a recipe that suits your tastes. Then, think about the decoration. Source simple yet effective ideas online that’ll make your cake standout without being overly complicated. If you don’t fancy making a cake every time you want to practice the decorations, then don’t. Simply practice the more intricate details instead such as marzipan figures or fondant roses. You can also buy a premade cake to practice rolling out fondant neatly.

Another top tip if you don’t feel brave enough to try multiple tiers or anything too extravagant is to create a cupcake design that can be repeated over and over. You’ll then have plenty of time to master your creation before your big day arrives. If you’re the artistic type you can mock-up the cupcake decoration yourself. Or simply head to Pinterest.

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