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Wedding stress – and how to avoid it!

According to a 2022 survey, 40 percent of couples consider wedding planning to be ‘extremely stressful’ while 71 percent thought it more nerve-wracking than other major life events like finding a new job!*

There are no two ways about it – weddings can sometimes mean a huge amount of stress! The planning, the logistics…and inevitably there are always some politics. These all take time and energy to handle, and it is important to look after yourself to ensure you reach your big day in one piece.

Here are some ideas to ensure that the wellbeing of all remains firmly at the top of the to-do list:



Take some time out.  When it all gets too much, just stop and take a deep breath.
Try and gain some perspective with meditation or breathing exercises (there are lots of apps available for these such as Headspace.  Or why not find a local yoga instructor and book in a series of classes in the lead up to the wedding or enjoy online practice at home via an online provider or just accessing YouTube videos?



Almost all forms of exercise or movement have the added advantage of increasing your fitness levels while at the same time decreasing your levels of stress. Walking, jogging or a lovely long swim can do wonders for mind, body and spirit.



Get plenty of sleep and rest when you can – there is something quite restorative about a nap on the sofa or an indulgent afternoon off just for you! Invest in a sleep mask or silk pillow (which will also do wonders for your hair) and there are many apps that can track your sleep patterns. Better still, try a digital detox and make sure all devices are switched off to get the most from your zzz time.

Eat well…

Eating well is vital to make sure you look and feel your best on your big day.  Many couples strive to lose weight for their weddings, but it is just as important to eat enough of the right foods to ensure you are fighting fit for all the wedding prep! Invest in a food recipe subscription box and enjoy healthy meals delivered to the door, or book in a session with a nutritionist to ensure maximum health and wellbeing.


Keeping a journal, notebook or set of lists will keep you on track of all the inevitable jobs – and there is nothing quite as satisfying as ticking off completed items.  Knowing that all is hand – or that there is a plan of action for outstanding tasks – can significantly reduce the pressure you might be feeling.

Make time…

Regular date nights are a must! Take time to remember why you are the perfect couple and what has led you to saying ‘I do’ in the first place.  Enjoy a night out à deux – but take wedding talk off the agenda! Reminisce over a meal, binge on a box set or take in a show – anything that can distract from the pressures of planning!

We hope that these tips prove helpful for your overall wellbeing in the lead up to your wedding day and we wish you a stress-free and enjoyable wedding experience.

* – January 2022


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