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Sustainable weddings

A recent report stated that a single wedding can produce as much as 20kg of plastic waste and, as climate change and the environment continue to make headlines, many couples are looking closely at their wedding plans and how making small changes can make a big impact on the environment.


Wedding Food & Drink

Look at locally grown produce; check the provenance of menu items and ensure that food is locally sourced wherever possible.

Consider your menus and its potential for waste – do you really need a 15 tier cake?!  Look at options for vegan and vegetarian dishes which have a lesser impact on the environment.


Wedding Decorations

Balloon arches may look stunning, but they have devastating consequences for the environment.  Look at paper arches or other sustainable alternatives.  Many suppliers can hire mirrors, lights and other special effects, or look online for anyone selling second hand items that you can give a new home.


Wedding Flowers

No wedding is complete without flowers, so look at seasonal blooms rather than those that need importing, and consider using jars, bottles or vases that can be re-used or gifted to guests at the end of the night to take home and enjoy. Talk to your florist about how to make a conscious choice – perhaps potted plants, or incorporate homegrown or foraged greenery – and replace traditional confetti with petals or rice.


Wedding Stationery

Consider digital invitations rather than printed stationery; for place names, look at pebbles, shells or leaves.  If you do want more traditional printed items, look at recycled and/or recyclable paper – you could even choose paper that contains seeds which can then be planted by guests as a reminder of your day.


Wedding Gift lists

Think carefully about a gift list; do you really need toasters and crockery? Look at asking guests to make a donation to a charity of your choice instead of a gift.


The wedding outfit

Many grooms rent their suit and that of their best man and ushers, but why stop there?
Wedding dress rental is far more accessible now than ever with designer gowns and accessories not only sustainable, but affordable too.  Or look online or on the High Street for a second-hand gown, or repurpose a family gown, which can be a sentimental as well as sustainable choice.


The wedding venue

Having the ceremony and celebration under one roof is a wonderful way to increase the sustainability of you wedding! Here at the Hythe Imperial, we can accommodate your wedding party and guests for the duration, hold your ceremony in one of our dedicated spaces and provide the most fabulous setting for your reception – with no need for onward travel!

We would be pleased to discuss your wedding plans and show you how the Hythe Imperial can be a top choice for your Kent wedding.

Get ahead of the wedding to do list and book your venue visit today.