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Second weddings.

The Hythe Imperial is the perfect choice for a second wedding as our ceremony spaces are the ideal settings for a civil ceremony. But there is so much more to planning a second wedding; whether you are marrying again following divorce or bereavement, what is the etiquette, the dos and don’ts the second (or, even, third) time round?


The wedding guest list

As with any wedding, it is important to celebrate with those that love and support you both as you begin your new life together.  Some couples prefer to have a smaller, more intimate celebration, some a huge event! Consider who attended your first wedding/s and look to include those with whom you are still friends. If the wedding follows a bereavement, and you are still close to your former family members, they may take comfort in seeing you move on with your life anew.  There may be people that decline to attend – as with any wedding – and it is important not to get offended if this is the case.



Second weddings frequently involve children, so look at including them as pages, flower girls or bridesmaids. Do ensure that you take the feelings of teens into account in particular. Offer them a role in the day, and make sure all your respective children feel included – as little or as much as they feel comfortable! This could also extend to the honeymoon – a family trip of a lifetime (Disney World or a safari!) is the perfect way to ensure everyone is included as you start your new life as a ‘blended’ family!



If some time has passed, your tastes may have changed since your first wedding – so might fashions or trends, or even your shape and look! You may want to opt for something less formal – or, if you didn’t get the dress of your dreams the first-time round, why not push the boat out? Look at vintage dresses – or go for a glam evening gown (think J-Lo and her latest wedding…) instead of a traditional wedding dress.  If you don’t want a dress that will languish unworn in a cupboard post-wedding, or if you are especially conscious of sustainability, why not hire your gown?


The gift list

Gift lifts are often controversial whatever the number wedding! Asking for gifts for your new life together (as is very traditional) might not be appropriate if you are combining your households, and you may not feel comfortable asking for money or honeymoon contributions. Remember that your guests may well want to give you something, however small, so offering a choice of vouchers, perhaps for garden or food items, or even suggestions for charity donations might be appreciated.

We are very experienced in planning all kinds of weddings here at the Hythe Imperial so if you are looking for a great beachfront venue where everything can be under one roof for your special day, do get in touch with our wedding team!

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