Should you invite children to weddings?

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Should you invite children to weddings?

There are split views about whether to invite children to weddings. Some couples, especially those with children of their own, wouldn’t dream of not having young guests at the celebrations. Others simply couldn’t think of anything worse! Whatever your preference, be aware that this decision has the potential to ruffle feathers.

Remember, whether or not you want children at your wedding is 100% your decision, and for many there are some obvious benefits to not including children in your wedding day.

The benefits of not inviting children to weddings.

Not only do children increase numbers but they will also increase the cost of your wedding – even if the venue offers children’s meals at a reduced rate. There’s also the additional cost of providing entertainment such as activity packs or games, or even hiring professional childcare should you wish to keep children occupied.

Weddings are long events and can be tiring – even boring – for little ones

We all love to dance and enjoy a wedding and that can be hard for parents. Why not talk it through with some of your guests who do have kids and see what they think?

Should you decide to go ahead with a child-free wedding, make it very clear on your invitations to give parents as much time as possible to make alternative arrangements. Some guests may be upset about your stance, but it is ultimately your day so just be gentle in your response and say you’re sorry they are upset, but you hope they’ll understand and accept the reasoning behind this decision.

You’ll also need to be prepared to accept the fact that, if you choose not to invite children to weddings, some guests – even close family – may not be able to attend.

The benefits of inviting children to weddings.

If you do decide to welcome children of all ages to join in with your wedding day celebrations, there are some definite perks, as children – young and old – can really add to the atmosphere of your day and make for some great pictures and funny moments.

You may have children of your own with whom you want to share your special day; even a babe in arms can make a cute bridesmaid! It can be a lovely gesture to invite nieces, nephews, god-children, etc. from your ‘inner circle’ to be involved in your wedding day and, if you already have children of your own, having them as bridesmaids or page boys is always special! Whatever you decide, if you are not extending the invitation to children beyond the wedding party, ensure adults-only invitations are issued to all other guests to save any embarrassment on the day.

To invite or not to invite children is an important decision, and it’s not one that should be taken lightly. Here at Hythe Imperial Hotel, whatever your decision, our wedding planners will help you create your perfect Kent wedding.

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