Same Sex Weddings: Roles, Rules and Outdated Traditions you can Ditch

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So, you’re planning a same sex wedding! Congratulations. The great news is there are many ways to celebrate your big day in style – without having to stick to a rigid bunch of rules. Times are changing and there’s more flexibility, so let’s take a closer look.

Same Sex Roles

While it’s true that the man is typically expected to propose in a heterosexual relationship, LGBT couples have more flexibility. Either partner can ‘pop the question’ without anyone raising an eyebrow – but of course every couple is different. It might have already been agreed between you who will propose when the time is right and that’s fine. Do what feels right for you both and go with the flow. Of course, it’s still wise to think carefully about the setting as you want it to be a moment you remember forever. 

LGBT Wedding Rules

Cutting straight to the point, you can’t get married in a church. And let’s face it, you might not want to. There are also many venues that aren’t completely LGBT-friendly, so it’s important to do your research in advance. You can have a civil ceremony at a registry office. And you can legally tie the knot at a licensed venue so long as the registrar marries you and follows the correct procedures. There will be no religious content in the ceremony, including hymns, prayers or Bible readings. 

Ditch the traditions

If you’re tired of the legal jargon and don’t want to be held down by rules, you can also contact a celebrant. While a celebrant-led ceremony isn’t legal on paper, it’s the perfect way to celebrate with your friends and relatives in the location of your choice with very few rules and boundaries. You can focus on the love you have as a couple, write your own vows and play any kind of music you want. Religious and spiritual content can be included if you wish but there are no legal words that need to be spoken.

Should you wish to make your celebrant-led ceremony legal, you can kick-start with the formal processes carried out by a registrar before removing onto something more relaxed.

Add personality and style

When it comes to LGBT weddings, you might decide to swap the traditional wedding cake for rainbow-themed cupcakes or opt for a chocolate fountain with sticks of fruit displayed in rainbow colours as a nod to Pride. You might also decide to dress identically, or to find outfits that complement your unique style. The white flowing dress associated with church weddings can, for example, can be switched with a fitted tux for both brides. Themed weddings are also popular within the gay community, so it’s all about planning a wedding that reflects your personalities as a couple and have some fun.

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