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Your wedding day and remembering lost loved ones during

For many couples, their wedding day should be one of the best days of their lives. However, if recently bereaved, the occasion can become quite an emotional one for all concerned.


There are ways in which you can remember lost loved ones sensitively and tastefully, and we detail some of the lovely ways that our couples here at the Hythe Imperial Hotel have done so…


‘Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue’

The tradition of including an item of clothing or jewellery into wedding outfits presents the perfect opportunity to honour a loved one. One of our brides recently wore an underskirt that she had made from her mother’s wedding dress, and we have known many brides who have worn necklaces or tiaras that belonged to their sisters, mothers, aunties or grandmothers, and grooms who have worn watches or cufflinks belonging to their brothers, fathers, uncles or grandfathers. If you decide to wear something of sentimental value, do make sure you tell your photographer so that they can capture it to ensure you have a lasting memory.


A floral tribute can be a very subtle way to honour a loved one

Perhaps they had a favourite flower that you can work into some or all of the floral displays throughout the day including – for a really personal touch – the bride and bridesmaid’s bouquets or the buttonhole flowers.


You might even be able to combine the two – we have seen some brides include part of a treasured piece of clothing or jewellery into their bouquets.


Include your loved ones in the celebrations

If recently bereaved, the absence of a loved one might feel so raw that the wedding couple feel it appropriate to reserve them a seat in the ceremony; alternatively, you could light a special candle and ask the celebrant to say a few words about them during the service; this allows for a moment of reflection which can be very poignant and important for those still grieving.


There may be several people that you wish to remember

Just make sure that you have advised the celebrant in advance so that they have time to prepare appropriately. If you have an order of service, then it might be appropriate to include photographs and mentions on here. This really is a great way of communicating that you will be honouring your loved ones during the day.


Musical tributes can work well

Music evokes many emotions and bring back memories of loved ones. There are several opportunities for musical tributes – during the ceremony (on entering, leaving and whilst the register is signed), as an accompaniment to the wedding breakfast, with the first dance and of course the music played thereafter – by a band or a DJ.


You might wish to have a memory table at the wedding reception.

This may have a photo display of those dear to you but no longer with you. Many of our couples have opted for a picture of their parents’ wedding day, which can be a very touching tribute for the family members present.


Many of our couples mention the loved ones they miss during their speeches.

If you decide to do this, do make sure you have agreed who will do so and what to include – for example, if you have selected your grandma’s favourite champagne for the toasts, then do make sure everyone is told, to make it that bit more personal. You need to do what feels right on your special day but it is always worth checking with family members that your proposed tribute is also appropriate for them and that they are comfortable with any tributes you are planning.


We hope that this has given you some ideas on how to remember loved ones while enjoying your special day. We work closely with our couples to ensure that any tributes are handled sensitively.

If this blog has struck a chord, please do get in touch today to book in a show round and allow us the opportunity to discuss how best to honour your loved ones!