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Virtual Meetings with your Wedding Suppliers – 5 Things to Ask

Lockdown wedding planning requires careful thought and innovation. When you can’t attend wedding shows or visit the boutiques and studios of your preferred wedding suppliers, arranging a virtual meeting on apps like FaceTime, Skype or Zoom is the next best thing. But what sort of things should you ask wedding professionals during a digital chat?

Here are 5 questions that’ll help put your mind at ease.

Question 1: Are you available on XXX date?

If you’ve already set a wedding date, it’s important to find out if a particular supplier is available. There’s nothing quite as disheartening than chatting away for an hour, only to find that your dream cake maker is booked until December 2022. If you’ve not set a date and are a bit more flexible, it’s still wise to ask about wedding supplier availability as this will give you a better idea of when you might want to tie the knot.

Question 2: Can I see examples of your work?

One of the most exciting things about wedding fairs is being able to browse exhibition stands of high-profile wedding suppliers. While this isn’t possible during lockdown periods, it’s still essential to see examples of the products/services provided. Wedding dress boutiques, cake makers, and stationery providers, for example, should be able to show you actual items whereas videographers and photographers may send you an extensive portfolio after the meeting.

Question 3: Do you accept personalised requests?

Many wedding suppliers will tailor their products and services to suit your needs. Perhaps you want a dress made to measure. Or maybe you want to print a specific picture onto your wedding invites. Want an unusual bouquet with specific colours and flower types? Then it’s best to shop around. Asking about personalisation options and special requests early on will help you find your perfect suppliers.

Question 4: What do you think of my vision?

If you have a very specific idea of how you want your wedding to be, you might have already made a Pinterest board or started a wedding folder. During digital meetings, it’s a good idea to share your ideas and ask what each wedding supplier thinks of your vision. Ask them what they would add or take away to see if they ‘get you’ and are on the same wavelength. If they start changing everything you’ve dreamed of to fit their own business model, you may want to look elsewhere for a more appropriate match.

Question 5: What do you charge and what are your payment terms?

When it comes to weddings in lockdown, it’s important to set and stick to a budget. With more time on your hands, it can be easy to get carried away and start looking at venues and wedding gowns that are way more than you can afford, so try to stay focusses. During your meeting with suppliers, be sure to clarify the cost of products and services. And find out about payment terms. Do they require a deposit upfront and what are the terms and conditions? It’s also worth asking if certain dates are cheaper than others

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