How to Throw a Killer Bachelorette Party for Same-Sex Couples

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If you’re throwing a bachelorette party for a same-sex couple, you’ve probably set yourself high expectations. After all, you don’t want to disappoint the bride-to-be and all her friends and relatives. Oh, the pressure! The good news is, with a little thought, you can put on a show-stopping event that will be remembered long after the same-sex wedding took place. With this in mind, here are a few ideas to get you started.

Chase the Rainbow

Whether you want to stay in and party the night away at home, or paint the town red (orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet), why not chase the rainbow? The rainbow flag is synonymous with the gay community so how about asking all guests to wear rainbow attire. You could even get rainbow t-shirts printed with everyone’s name on the back.

To make things easy, provide each guest with a selection of rainbow props which could include:

  • Rainbow confetti to throw over the bride-to-be when she arrives at the party
  • Rainbow pins or badges to put on regular clothes
  • Rainbow balloons
  • Rainbow flags
  • Rainbow ties for each of the girls/guys to wear
  • Rainbow socks
  • Rainbow bangles – and more.

Top tip: Create a rainbow themed goody bag for each and every guest attending the bachelorette party including things you want them to wear on the night but that will also act as bachelorette keepsakes.

Make Rainbow Cocktails

Again, this can be done at a specific venue (subject to Covid-19 regulations) or from the comfort of your home. If you’re taking the lead, how about looking up a range of rainbow cocktail recipes online and making them as a group? There are plenty of ideas on sites like Pinterest. Or, you could give each guest a specific colour from the rainbow and ask them to make a cocktail of the same colour. For instance, Bloody Marys are red, Mai Tai’s are typically orange, Lemon Drop Martinis are yellow, Lime Coolers are green and then there’s the Blue Lagoon and even a Pomegranate Blueberry Mocktail if anyone is pregnant and not drinking. The end results, when lined up in rainbow order, will look awesome.

Top tip: Get all the cocktail equipment in and have a night of hilarious cocktail-making fun. Be sure to take loads of pictures as you shake up the mixes, pour them into fun glasses and decorate with all kinds of pre-cut fruit including lemons, strawberries, cherries and pineapple. It would also be a good idea to have a wide selection of luxury nibbles on a table so people can snack as they drink. Think quality crisps, luxury popcorn, fruit kebabs, veg with dips such as hummus and tzatziki – and so on.

Have a Theme

What does the bride-to-be really like? If she’s obsessed with the 90s, how about a double-denim, high-pony kind of an evening complete with a playlist of retro hits? Or, if she has a weakness for a specific TV show like Mad Men or a love for a specific time of year like Halloween, you could go down that route. Alternatively, you could create your own theme such as ‘holiday attire’ or ‘pirate’. There’s nothing like a bit of fancy dress to lighten the mood after all.

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