Gay Wedding Ideas: 19 Gorgeous Details That Are Perfect for Same Sex Couples

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If you’re getting everything organised for an LGBT wedding, you might be wondering how to make your special day unique. Celebrating your love in style is all about getting creative, so here are 19 gorgeous gay wedding details for same-sex couples.

Embrace the rainbow theme

The rainbow is a well-known symbol of the LGBTQ+ community, so why not brighten up your wedding ceremony and reception? Here’s how:

  1. Rainbow wedding flowers – ask your florist to create bouquets in rainbow colours or opt for dyed flowers in a rainbow hue.
  2. Rainbow confetti – get you hands on some rainbow confetti. This is hugely popular during Pride festivals and can be easily found online.
  3. Rainbow hair accessories – from rainbow floral fascinators to glittery rainbow hairclips, there are many ways to brighten up your look.
  4. Rainbow flags – how about walking down an aisle lined with rainbow flags?
  5. Rainbow fans – if you’re getting married in the summer, giving all guests a rainbow hand fan as they arrive could be a unique and memorable touch.
  6. Rainbow sunglasses – similarly, for outside ceremonies, rainbow sunglasses could be a fun addition to your wedding attire
  7. Rainbow bracelets – these can be worn by everyone at the ceremony to show support for your wedding or handed out as part of wedding favour packs.
  8. Rainbow lapel pins – if you want to include the rainbow in a more subtle way, badges and lapel pins are a wonderfully classy touch.
  9. Rainbow cake – there are numerous ways to do this. Either you opt for opulent rainbow icing. Or you can have your cake iced more traditionally but include rainbow layers than can be seen when you cut a slice.
  10. Rainbow pinata – if you’re planning outside activities and games at your reception, a rainbow pinata could be a fun idea.
  11. Rainbow photo booth – photo booths are a great way to keep guests entertained. You could think about having a fixed rainbow background as well as rainbow props and accessories.
  12. Rainbow ties – if you’re wearing ties you can either go for a bright block colour or a rainbow to make a strong statement.
  13. Rainbow cocktails – serving rainbow cocktails is a great way to kick-start your wedding reception. Find a recipe and set up a cocktail making station.
  14. Rainbow straws – spice up cocktail hour with some paper rainbow straws.

Choose same-sex accessories

  1. Same-sex cake toppers – whether it’s two brides or two grooms, these will help celebrate your LGBT wedding theme.
  2. Matching cufflinks – these are ideal for couples who both want to wear a suit.
  3. LGBT wedding signs – Mrs & Mrs signs or Mr & Mr signs are readily available and will add a nice touch to your wedding décor.
  4. Amusing signs – there are many comical signs that you can hang around your wedding reception. For instance, they might say something like, “I only like my vodka straight.”
  5. Same-sex wedding stationary – brightly coloured ‘save the date’ cards and invites will help your guests get excited about the big day.

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