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Whether you want a same sex wedding at a lavish location, or a simple civil ceremony followed by a huge celebration, it’s important to think things through carefully to ensure your big day is as special as possible. With this in mind, here are some Q&As which offer a whole wealth of advice about gay weddings.

Q: Are same-sex weddings more widely accepted?

A: The answer to this has to be yes. There are still some rules in place, such as not being able to get married in a church. But many alternative venues now accept couples from the LGBTQ community and even offer exclusive LGBT wedding packages to make dreams come true. If you want a civil wedding ceremony, you’ll have to find a registered venue with the correct license, but this shouldn’t be a difficult task.

Q: Can we acknowledge Pride on our big day?

A: Absolutely! Accessories such as the rainbow flag are important for gay couples and therefore you’ve every right to use these as wedding décor. You might also want to think about ordering a rainbow wedding cake or making your very own rainbow sweet wedding favours. Alternatively, you could embrace a purple colour scheme. Purple is one of the main colours on the Pride flag and is a strong symbol of the LGBTQ+ world.

Q: What is currently trending in gay weddings?

A: In order to host the most fashionable wedding, you need to know what’s currently trending. Gay couples are loving ‘the reveal’ where the couple is photographed seeing each other for the first time. Engagement photo sessions are also big news and how about creating a social media video by coming up with some awesome first-dance choreography? Many gay couples are also choosing to read an excerpt from the Massachusetts decision in 2004, which is where gay marriage was first legalised.

Q: How can we overcome wedding stress?

A: Weddings can lead to a whole host of drama and stress. But it’s important to focus on what the day means to you and not lose sight of why you’re getting married in the first place. While keeping guests happy is important, it’s essential to think about your wants and needs as a couple. It’s your big day after all, so don’t struggle to meet the demands of others and avoid putting yourself under unnecessary financial strain to try and be the best of the best. Weddings are about love, so block out external pressure and think carefully about what steps you need to take to make you both happy.

Remember, the gay wedding market is expanding rapidly, so you have choice. Don’t rush into a decision based on fear or pressure. Take your time and work everything out carefully according to your taste and budget.

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