7 Romantic Ways to Decorate Your Wedding Aisle

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How to Decorate your Wedding Aisle

All eyes may be on you as you walk down the aisle, but shouldn’t you be surrounded by beautiful decorations as you do so? Not only will it make for gorgeous photographs, it will also make the atmosphere even more romantic.

While it’s traditional to decorate your wedding aisle to the altar with flowers or plants, there are dozens of other ways you could make the setting of your ceremony memorable. Here are just a few ideas.

Wooden walkway and sculptures

If you’re having a wedding outside, the chances are you’ll be surrounded by lush greenery, negating the need for additional flowers or plants. Instead, why not choose a wooden walkway and wood sculptures or objects? Wooden candle holders or birdcages are decorative, natural and a little different, making your walk down the aisle stand out.

Something blue

If you’re looking for wedding aisle decorations on a budget, why not give a nod to the traditional rhyme and line the walkway with blue tulle? Tie it to the wedding chairs that line the aisle to give an understated, romantic vibe. If you’re getting married outside, the material will blow in the breeze too, creating an ethereal feel.

Vintage rugs

Many brides walk down the aisle on a piece of fabric, but why not replace that with vintage rugs? This creates a fun, bohemian feel and keeps the aesthetic fresh and interesting. You could even head to the altar bare foot if you like!

Petal power

There are lots of ways you can use flower petals to make a unique pathway to the altar. Scatter the petals of your favourite flowers across the aisle like fallen confetti, line the walkway with hundreds of bright petals that complement your other aisle décor ideas, or even create a pattern or picture with them to add a distinctive touch on your special day.

Chic drapes

Keep things simple by using draped fabric instead of flowers. Drape a lightweight fabric in your chosen colour at the beginning and end of the aisle for a chic yet beautiful aesthetic. This is especially effective if the venue is an opulent hotel or country house with plenty of charm of its own.

Palm leaves

If you’re having a destination wedding, or simply want to keep things relaxed at a summer wedding, line the walkway with palm leaves for a fresh, tropical feel. Not only will they make you and your own bouquet stand out, they’re a budget-friendly option too.

Beach-themed décor

If you’re having a wedding on or near the beach, you might want to take inspiration from the local surroundings for your aisle decorations. Line the walkway with seashells and driftwood, or make small decorations to hang from the seats for a summery, coastal vibe. Alternatively, you could place bottles or vases of coloured sand at the entrance to the walkway for a bright, fun twist.

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