6 Reasons Why Rainy Wedding Days are Awesome

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Rainy Wedding Days

Many couples pray for good weather on their big day. But a rainy wedding actually has many advantages. For example, if you’re interested in rain on your wedding day symbolism, it’s actually thought to bring good luck. And that’s something every couple needs as they start their married life together. Here are six more reasons why you shouldn’t dread rain on your wedding day.

  • The Sound of Rain is Cosy

There’s something wonderfully charming and romantic about being cosy inside as the rain falls outside. The heavens might open as you say ‘I Do’ but it really won’t matter if you’re with your nearest and dearest at a beautifully decorated venue. The pitter-patter of raindrops is somewhat calming and will complement your music playlist.

  • You Can Wear Beautiful Attire

If it’s raining because it’s autumn or winter, this means the temperatures are likely to be much cooler too. So why not use the weather as an excuse to get ‘seasonally glam’? A faux fur bolero will keep off the chill while ensuring you look as stylish as possible. And what about a pair of long white gloves? You could also get a personalised white umbrella to hold as you enter the venue. This could include the love birds’ names and the wedding date. In fact, this would be a nice gift for everyone attending your wedding when the heavens open.

  • You Can Get Some Awesome Photos

Come rain or shine, the right photographer will snap some incredible shots. But when there is a downpour on your big day, you’ll be able to get some wonderfully romantic snaps of you and your partner snuggled up under an umbrella with the raindrops dazzling in the background. Similarly, if there are raindrops on window panes and you can sit in front of them, this will provide an artistic background with the right lighting. The professional you hire is sure to have many ideas that’ll result in an idyllic wedding album.

  • You Might Get a Wedding Day Rainbow

If you’re lucky, a stunning rainbow might appear in the sky on your wedding day – and what a great photo that would make. Of course, this can’t be planned but that’s what makes rainbows even more special. Alternatively, you might get wild lightning as a storm rolls in. Again, dark skies with flashes of light can result in some pretty atmospheric wedding snaps.

  • Your Guests Won’t Overheat

While summer weddings might seem ideal, they’re often plagued by overheated guests and unwanted pests such as wasps and bees. None of this should be a problem on a rainy day. Instead, your guests will feel happy to be inside and will perhaps be less likely to sneak off for a smoke outside, meaning you’ll all be together for longer and the room will feel full and bursting.

  • Rain Reduces Allergies

Rain lowers the pollen count in the air, so those who suffer from hay fever and other allergies won’t ruin their makeup and clothes with a sneezing fit. Everything feels lovely and fresh after a big downpour and symbolically this could represent a fresh new start for you and your loved one.

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