5 Ways to Source Wedding Flowers on a Budget

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Sourcing your Wedding Flowers on a Budget

Wedding flowers are beautiful. But they can be surprisingly expensive if you don’t do your research. From bridesmaid bouquets to venue decorations, sourcing wedding flowers on a budget is essential if you want to keep costs down. So here are five useful tips.

  • Talk to Your Florist

It sounds simple but talking to your florist will help you to understand what you can get for your money and which flowers will look great without leaving a huge dent in your bank balance. Selecting flowers with a large head, for instance, such as hydrangeas, peonies or dahlias, will allow your florist to create a full bouquet using fewer stems – saving those all-important pennies. And of course, don’t forget to shop around. Find a florist with special wedding packages or competitive offers to help with budgeting.

  • Grow Your Own Flowers

Another great way to bring costs down is to grow your own flowers. Sure, this will take some planning, but if you’ve got a garden and don’t mind some planting and watering, then this could add a personalised touch to your big day. And don’t panic. There’s no need for you to grow every single flower for your wedding. Homegrown flowers are ideal for table displays, but if you’re desperate for a professional bouquet, why not treat yourself?

  • Be Tactical

You deserve the very best at your wedding. So don’t be afraid to get tactical. If you want an expensive bloom in your bouquet, then have it, but be sure to balance out the cost elsewhere. Just because you have peonies in your bouquet doesn’t mean your bridesmaids need them too. Believe it or not, roses can be a more budget-friendly option. Some varieties even look like peonies but come without the hefty price tag. Other wedding flower classics you can buy on a budget include gerbera daisies and lilies.

  • Rent Faux Blooms

When it comes to decorating your wedding venue, why not buy or rent fake flowers? This might sound tacky on the surface but there are certain things you can do to create a beautiful setting, without breaking the bank. For example, you could incorporate some faux blooms into clusters and installations that won’t be seen up close, such as bridesmaid bouquets or hanging decorations.

  • Consider Dried Florals

Fresh flowers are expensive and have a short life span. So how about opting for dried florals instead? These can be used to decorate multiple events such as the rehearsal dinner and the wedding day itself. Dried florals can be mixed with fresh flowers or arranged on their own to create a unique display. Dried florals can also be combined with fruit or pine cone centerpieces which are ideal for autumn and winter weddings.

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