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How to make your wedding stand out

When planning to say ‘I do’ it can be easy to get caught up in the whole ‘big day’ hysteria which may lead to a sudden onset of panic. Will your vows be good enough? Will your friends like the venue? Is your dress swanky enough? There’s a lot to consider, of course, but take a deep breath and think carefully about how to make your wedding stand out – after all, run-of-the-mill simply won’t do.

If you’re getting married in summer 2020, here are some great ideas to help you plan and prepare:

  1. Give your venue the ‘wow’ factor

Wedding venue tips include putting the ‘wow’ factor into everything you do. Remember this is one of the biggest occasions of your life – aside from maybe going to a luxury holiday resort or having kids – so take the time and effort to spice up both the place where you plan on tying the knot and where you will host the reception. If you are having the wedding breakfast in a beautiful old building with a lofty ceiling, for instance, why not think about investing in chandeliers, lanterns and hanging lights to fill the space and to create a wonderfully romantic and enchanting atmosphere?

Even if you’re trying the knot on the beach – which is already a pretty spectacular setting – there’s no reason why you can’t line the aisle with eye-popping tropical flowers or little flickering candles.

  1. Think carefully about your colour scheme

While wedding planners and over enthusiastic family members will have plenty of wedding day ideas, one of the most important things you can do is to choose a colour scheme that you love – and run with it. Many colours work wonderfully together such as lilac and pink or emerald, cream and gold, so go with your heart and ensure everything from the invitations and table settings to the cake and wedding venue decorations tie in with this specific theme.

  1. Personalise your wedding day

If you want your guests to remember your wedding day for many years to come, what about making a range of personalized wedding venue decorations? This could include framed pictures of your blossoming romance lining the aisle or a picture board of your favourite moments as a couple. You could even run a mini movie of special days spent with friends and relatives that you know will be attending your big day. This could run in the background on a big screen during the reception.

  1. Make your own wedding favours

Anyone can go to a shop and buy a bunch of wedding favours, but if you want to be different, wouldn’t it be lovely to say ‘thank you’ with a homemade gift? So, you will need to leave time to get creative which can be tricky with so much else to do, but the end results should impress. Sweet jars with personalised labels are ideal for little guests or what about hand painting a canvas with your own unique wedding design? Homemade candles are sure to be a winner as are keepsakes like homemade jewellery for the bridesmaids.

  1. Have a selection of food stations

Weddings can be long and tiring. Your guests will need plenty of food and drink to keep their energy levels up! If there’s a long time between the wedding ceremony and wedding breakfast, food stations can help fill the hunger gap. You can either create these stations yourself by laying out old fashioned sweets, doughnuts and such, or you can call in catering experts to set luxury grazing tables.

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