5 Steps to Choosing Your Wedding Colours

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Choosing your Wedding Colour Scheme

You’re engaged. Congratulations. Now the fun part starts. With the right mindset, wedding planning can be fun, productive and rewarding, but it’s important to have a strategy in mind, particularly when it comes to choosing your wedding colours. Confirming your wedding colour scheme is harder than you might think. So here are 5 steps to success.

  • Think about the season

First things first, think about when you’re getting married as this could affect the colour palette you opt for. While pastel pinks and lilacs look great in spring and vibrant corals are perfect for the summer months, you might prefer dark jewel tones such as emerald green, plum purple, navy blue or masala red for autumn or winter. These warm hues help to create a cosy atmosphere when the temperature drops.

  • Consider your venue

The colours you opt for will also depend on the venue you’ve chosen. Blank slate venues such as marquees or rooms with white walls are easy to decorate in any colour as you won’t have to worry about colour clashes. On the other hand, rooms in hotels, museums and other venues should be carefully considered so that you can match the vibe of the venue. Look at what colours are already in use and see how you can work with them.

  • Consider your surroundings

If you’re getting married in the great outdoors, then look around. A woodland setting could be complemented by a bouquet full of green foliage as well as berries and pops of red flowers. If your wedding’s taking place in a country barn, then you might decide on a harvest-inspired colour palette of warm, welcoming bucolic tones. You could even switch traditional flower decorations for hay bales for a more rustic setting.

  • Pick colours that flatter you

Choosing a colour scheme that flatters your skin tone and hair colour is important. It’s also wise to think about what colours will suit your bridesmaids. Greens and blues work well with ginger hair, for instance, whereas bright pink or red can clash. Similarly, really pale colours such as yellow and light grey can wash people out and often look less striking in pictures. Remember, not everyone has to wear the same hue. It’s perfectly possible to spice things up a bit by using a collection of colours that look good together or opting for an ombre-inspired palette of the same colour.

  • Consider your theme

If you’ve chosen a wedding theme for your big day, then this will heavily influence when your choosing your wedding colour scheme. For instance, there’s not much leeway with a black and white/gothic party. If you’re getting married at Christmas, however, and want your décor to be festive, then consider your options. You could go for lots of red and splashes of green. Or you might prefer gold and silver for a touch of sophistication.

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