5 Same-Sex Wedding Trends

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There’s a lot to think about when organising a same-sex wedding. Will you make an LGBTQ statement with a rainbow cake and décor or will you put emphasis on equality by both wearing exactly the same outfits? The choice is yours, but if you are still undecided, here are 5 popular same-sex wedding trends for inspiration.

  1. Enjoy the Colour Purple

While rainbows get a lot of love at LGBTQ weddings, you don’t have to incorporate every bright hue into your big day. In fact, many same-sex couples are choosing purple as a classic symbol of pride and solidarity. On the traditional rainbow flag, purple represents ‘spirit.’ So why not show how your spirits are connected by opting for purple flower decorations and bouquets? Or add purple detailing to your outfit. A nice pair of purple trainers paired with a smart suit is a great way to make a strong statement.

  1. Walk Down the Aisle Together

Traditionally, a bride is walked down the aisle and ‘given away’ to her husband by her father. This is often viewed as old fashioned, particularly among the LGBTQ community. So, how about shaking things up by walking down the aisle together? Or, both taking it in turns to have your moment in the spotlight? If the thought of walking down any kind of aisle makes you somewhat nervous, how about a ceremony circle? Guests form a circle and leave space for the happy couple to join. 

  1. Choose a Celebrant 

Choosing a celebrant is a great way to personalise your big day. Put simply, a celebrant is someone who presides over a wedding ceremony but is not legally invested to marry a couple. So, while it’s important to get the legal stuff sorted separately by attending a registry office, a celebrant can make your wedding ceremony a beautiful occasion by telling personal stories, anecdotes, jokes and so on. Celebrant led weddings make it possible to celebrate your love at the venue of your choice.

  1. Select Matching Rings

A cute and symbolic touch for any same-sex wedding is to select matching rings as a strong symbol of love and unity. The only slight difference might be the subtle engraving of your loved one’s name on the inside of the wedding band and perhaps the wedding date.

A ‘ring warming’ ceremony is another nice touch for a same-sex wedding. For this, your rings are passed around to each guest. Guests then say nice words and share blessings over the rings before they’re used to cement your vows.

  1. Mix up the Speeches

At a traditional wedding, speeches are usually given by the father of the bride, groom and best man. But this can definitely be mixed up. Ideas include both fathers or both mothers taking to the stage or both grooms/brides so that one groom/bride doesn’t have sole responsibility of addressing the wedding party. You could even stand up together to make a speech.

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