5 Reasons Why Micro Weddings Could Become the Norm

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5 Reasons Why Micro Weddings Could Become the Norm

With COVID restrictions in place and large gatherings forbidden in light of the virus, micro weddings have become increasingly popular. More and more couples are tying the knot in front of a small crowd, and while some people long for a huge celebration, others are finding joy in a more intimate affair. It’s a trend that may well continue beyond the current restrictions, too. Here are five reasons why small weddings could be here to stay long after the pandemic settles.

  1. They Don’t Cost a Fortune

The first and perhaps most obvious benefit of lockdown weddings is that they don’t cost a fortune and won’t leave you with a huge financial hangover. Wedding catering costs, for instance, are usually priced on a ‘per person’ basis. So, with a smaller guest list, you’re sure to save money. Similarly, you won’t need such a large cake, or as big a room to hold the ceremony.

  1. There’s Less Pressure

Weddings are supposed to be fun-filled and memorable. But for some, there’s an element of anxiety involved. Saying ‘I do’ in front of a crowd is not everyone’s cup of tea, which is why small weddings might suit the more introverted among us. With fewer eyes on you, focus on what really matters becomes easier – and that’s the love between you and your partner. There’s also less pressure to mingle with relatives you haven’t seen in years, meaning you can sit back and relax with those closest to you.

  1. You Can Enjoy The Best of the Best

When your guest list is sizable, you might be forced to opt for cheaper food and drink options in a bid to save money. But a smaller wedding makes it easier to enjoy the very best cuisine as well as the finest wine or champagne. With fewer people to budget for, you might also be able to spend more on your dream dress or choose a cake maker that’s more expensive but renowned for producing the very best wedding treats.

  1. It’s Easier to Get Creative

There’s little flexibility with a large wedding. Everything from seating arrangements to parking needs to be carefully thought out to avoid confusion. But with a small wedding, you can make last-minute changes and tweaks to your big day. For example, if the sun unexpectedly comes out, you might want to move your ceremony outside. This is much easier to do with just a few guests. Similarly, small weddings allow you to do things you might not have thought of previously such as roasting marshmallows around a fire or enjoying a spot of cocktail making instead of a disco.

  1. Forget Family Politics

Like it or not, most weddings come with some kind of family politics. There’s often that gnawing feeling that you have to invite everyone to avoid offending anyone. But a lockdown wedding or a purposefully small affair makes it easier to leave people off your guest list and reduce any kind of tension. You also won’t have to sit for hours trying to work out a seating plan that won’t lead to some kind of family drama.

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