5 Eco-Friendly Wedding Ideas

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Eco-Friendly Wedding Ideas

Weddings tend to be glamorous, indulgent and expensive affairs that result in food waste, plastic pollution and colossal overspending in many cases. But what if you could have the wedding of your dreams without impacting negatively on the environment. As more and more couples try to lower their carbon footprint while saying, ‘I Do’, here are 5 ethical wedding ideas to consider. You may even find that sustainable wedding swaps help your big day to stand out from the crowd as guests appreciate your greener approach.

#1 Support Local Businesses

One of the easiest ways to create an eco-friendly wedding experience is to support local businesses as this will reduce the amount of air miles needed to create your big day. Every time something is flown in or shipped from afar, it has an impact on the environment after all. Take a look around your area for local butchers or caterers as well as wedding suppliers including cake makers and florists. Small businesses often have a niche audience and can cater to specific requests such as baking organic products using British ingredients or only using sustainably sourced products.

#2 Enjoy Eco-Friendly Wedding Decorations

Have you thought about ditching plastic and only opting for eco-friendly decorations? Much of the plastic we use ends up in the sea and devastates the environment of many animals, so it’s good to opt for biodegradable or recyclable options instead. Biodegradable confetti and glitter are a great place to start, or you could make bunting from old clothes or upcycled materials. As for invitations and place holder cards, these can be printed on sustainable bamboo or recycled paper. There are even stationery providers who use wind energy for printing – now that’s smart.

#3 Go Digital

One of the best ways to reduce waste and protect the environment is to go digital. You could send out electronic ‘save the date’ cards or invitations to your big day or create a website/social media page where people can RSVP and get excited about your wedding day online.  Similarly, rather than sending out thank you notes or pictures through the post, gather email addresses and create a personalised digital thank you complete with attached photographs you think your guests will love.

#4 Think About the Wedding Dress

Yes, it’s your big day and yes, you should feel glamorous, but when it comes to eco-friendly weddings it’s important to think about the dress. Rather than shipping one from abroad or heading straight to a large fashion retailer that’s sure to contribute to greenhouse gasses, why not source a local dressmaker? Or, take a look in your local charity or vintage shops for pre-loved frocks that are longing to have another day in the limelight. It’s amazing what you can find by rummaging through second-hand stores and a dress from years gone by could be your something old.

#5 Keep your Wedding Small

If you’re planning on inviting people near and far to your wedding and having a huge guest list, the carbon footprint of your special day won’t be small. People might have to travel long distances, especially if they live abroad or rack up numerous hours in the car. So hosting a smaller wedding could be the best option as this will also reduce the number of people you have to cater for and could help eliminate food waste.

If you can’t stand the thought of tying the knot without a huge crowd then think carefully about arrangements. Can you have the service and party at the same venue to reduce travel? Can you cut back on meat products, the production of which takes up a lot of energy? Can you ask people to only source eco-friendly wedding cards and gifts?

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