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Having a Wedding Gift List

As a couple, you might be wondering whether to have a wedding gift list or not. You’ve probably got the following question running through your mind:

  • Is it cheeky to ask someone to buy a specific present?
  • Won’t people want to buy a unique gift of their own choice?
  • Are the gifts we want too expensive?
  • Is a gift list outdated?
  • How many gifts should I ask for?

While it’s only natural to feel overwhelmed about this particular part of your big day, here’s why having a marriage gift list is a good idea.

  • It Eliminates Guesswork 

People lead busy lives. And the reality is they’re probably stressing about what to buy you. Strolling around shops or browsing website after website is tedious and time consuming. But a wedding gift list makes the whole process a lot more straightforward. Your guests can spend money buying something they know you’ll like instead of spending time, energy and money on finding a present you might not want. Also, a wedding list prevents you from getting the same thing twice. Therefore, all gifts will be appreciated and won’t have to be returned. 

  • It’ll Set You Off on the Right Foot

Gift lists are particularly great for couples that have just bought their first home and therefore might not have everything they need yet. Rather than getting lots of random bits and bobs that might not go together, you can ask for specific items from a single shop or brand. You can even choose crockery in a certain material or style to suit your preferences. This will save you a lot of money in the long-run. It’ll also give your guests the reassurance that they’re doing something valuable.

  • You Can Cater to Every Budget 

Many people feel guilty about providing a gift list, even if their guests are likely to bring a wedding present anyway. One way to avoid this feeling is to cater for every budget. When creating your list, add things of various values and keep an eye on what sells. If you find people are buying lower priced items and there’s only the more expensive things left, update it to ensure you don’t outprice your guests. Also, think carefully about who you’re inviting and where you want to place your gift list. Asking your guests to shop only at Harrods, for instance, might ruffle some feathers.

  • It Saves Work on Your Big Day

Every wedding planner will tell you that a gift table is hard work. Not only do you have to tell guests where to leave their presents (repeatedly), but there’s also the task of getting everything home after your ceremony – when all you probably want to do is rest. By creating a wedding guest list, all items will be delivered to your door, avoiding this hassle.

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