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Planning your summer wedding

Planning a summer wedding is a whole lot of fun, but the season does bring with it a list of its own potential problems – just as with any season! But it’s all about preparation. As long as you know to plan a summer wedding, everything will run as smoothly as you want it to.

To help you start planning your summer wedding for 2020, our team at Hythe Imperial Hotel have put together our top tips. We host a whole lot of wonderful weddings in kent, so it’s safe to say we know what we’re talking about!

Think About the Weather

The first thing you need think about when planning a summer wedding is, of course, the weather. We probably don’t need to tell you that the weather in the UK is pretty erratic, but you can plan ahead! Prepare for all extremes, from torrential rain to blazing hot sun.

A gazebo is always good to have on hand (it can shelter guests from both rain and sun) and having a bunch of rain macs for guests in case you do get a downpour is a life-saver. For hot weather make sure you have plenty of ice-buckets for drinks and shady areas for guests to cool down.

Summer Wedding Menu

A summer wedding menu is very different to one you’d choose in winter. With the hot weather, it’s always better to stick to lighter foods than the big, meaty pies and casseroles you might go for in the colder months. Buffet-style foods work well, as do smaller portions and lighter flavours.


You can also check out seasonal fruit and vegetables, as well as local produce, to get a menu that’s fresh and perfect for the weather.

Dress for Summer

When planning a summer wedding, make sure you have a dress or suit that’s going to keep you cool in sweltering weather. For the bride’s dress, silk can be a breathable option that still oozes luxury, and sleeveless cuts or shorter lengths are always a great idea. For suits, pick something in linen and don’t buy a jacket that’s heavy and thickly lined.

Summer Wedding Trends for 2020

Summer wedding trends can be a great way to get inspiration for your wedding, so be sure to do your research. To get you started, here are a few for next year so you can begin to plan ahead:

  • Minimalistic design
  • Plenty of florals, including table-wreaths
  • Copper décor
  • Bohemian wedding dresses
  • Exposed brick walls and a rustic theme
  • Free-form bouquets

Find the Perfect Summer Venue

Perhaps the most important aspect of planning a summer wedding is picking your venue. You should aim to find somewhere that has both indoor and outdoor areas so that nothing’s ruined by changes in the weather, and where summer weddings are frequent, so staff know what they’re doing. Somewhere that can provide quality catering and friendly concierges is always a bonus, too, giving you less to worry about.

Hythe Imperial Hotel is the perfect spot for your weddings in kent and we tick all the boxes of an ideal venue! Boasting a beautiful setting with spectacular views of the Kent’s coastline, with indoor and outdoor options, as well as offering a delicious wedding menu and even luxurious accommodation for guests to stay the night. Take a look at our wedding packages to find the one that’s perfect for you! Contact us today on 01303 267441 or email to arrange a meeting.

To help with your wedding planning please review our Wedding Information Brochure.