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Champagne Menu

Moët & Chandon Brut Impérial £90.00

Moët & Chandon Brut Impérial is the House’s iconic champagne. Created in 1869, it embodies Moët & Chandon’s unique style, a style distinguished by its bright fruitiness, its seductive palate, and its elegant maturity.

Moët & Chandon Rosé Impérial £100.00

Moët & Chandon Rosé Impérial is a spontaneous, radiant, romantic expression of the Moët & Chandon style, a style distinguished by its bright fruitiness, its seductive palate, and its elegant maturity.

Moët & Chandon Grand Vintage £165.00

Every Grand Vintage is unique and original, the cellar master’s personal, free interpretation in service of the singular qualities of that year’s grapes.

Moët & Chandon Ice Impérial £115.00

Moët & Chandon Ice Impérial, the first and only champagne especially created to be enjoyed over ice. A new champagne experience combining fun, fresh and free sensations while remaining true to the Moët & Chandon style, a style distinguished by its bright fruitiness, its seductive palate, and its elegant maturity.

Moët & Chandon Ice Impérial Rosé £125.00

Fresh, Vibrant, served over ice and sure to be the drink of the season, this first of its kind rose Champagne is tailor made for sharing with friends.

Veuve Clicquot Brut Yellow Label £105.00

Powerful and complex the Veuve Clicquot Brut Yellow Label ensures continuity of the house style and offers an “aromatic” rare brand remembered for many years.

Veuve Clicquot Rosé £115.00

Offering the eye radiant colour, its nose is intense and elegant. Notes of Raspberry, wild strawberry and cherry predominate, followed by a touch of dried fruits and pastry.

Veuve Clicquot RICH £115.00

With Veuve Clicquot RICH the fruit is boosted to an exciting new level. The Signature Pinot Noir of Veuve Clicquot is given a new versatility with a higher dosage, while a greater presence of Meunier emphasizes fresh fruity and Gourmand notes.

KRUG Grande Cuvee £425.00

As you taste it, notes of toasted bread, hazelnut, nougat, barley sugar and jellied fruits may take you by surprise

Dom Pérignon Vintage 2009 £485.00

The 2009 vintage leaves its mark on the history of Dom Pérignon for its ease and generosity.

Dom Pérignon Vintage Rosé 2006 £585.00

The Full bodies ease of the 2006 vintage in stark contrast to the previous year, the vines experiences steady, problem free vegetative growth, with abundant, sizable grape clusters.

Champagne on the Rocks

Enjoy the new champagne experience combining fun, fresh and free sensation. Served with 3 large ice cubes in a large Cabernet Style glass

Moët & Chandon Ice Impérial £25.00

Moët & Chandon Ice Impérial Rosé £27.00

Champagne by the Glass

Moët & Chandon Brut Impérial £20.00

Moët & Chandon Rosé Impérial £22.00

Chandon Brut Classic £11.20

Chandon Garden Spritz £11.20

Cocktail Menu - All £15.00 each

Aperol Twist

A summery twist on an Aperol spritz; with the classic orange and prosecco, plus the zesty sweetness of pink grapefruit. Try this special blend of Aperol, Prosecco, Cocchi Rosa Vermouth, and pink grapefruit soda for a fruity and delightful drink.

Life’s a Beach

This bourbon whiskey-based drink is our new specialty, made with Jim Beam and perfectly acidic notes of orange, lemon, and lime juice. Topped off with some sugar syrup to add a touch of sweetness that will have you coming back for more!

The Starry Sailor

A unique mix of two classic cocktails, the Mai Tai and the Pornstar Martini. A combination of Sailor Jerry’s rum, Cointreau, apricot brandy, passionfruit purée, lime juice, and sugar syrup, this strong and fruity drink will tantalise your taste buds.

Classic cocktails available upon request.

Boy’s Club

Our flavours of red and dark berries mixed with lemon Vodka is the perfect summer refresher, with an explosion of flavours for your taste buds. Made with Absolut Citron, Triple Sec, raspberry purée, blackcurrant syrup, grapefruit juice, and lime juice, this vodka based cocktail is sure to be a hit.


Refreshing and sophisticated, this simple, yet elegant cocktail, is a must try for any fan of Bombay Sapphire gin; combined with the subtle rosy flavor of Lanique Liqueur and enhanced with lemon juice and sugar syrup.

Passion for Margo

A sizzling passionfruit version of the classic Margarita. Our creation comes complete with a spicy salt rim and the tasty ingredients of Jose Cuervo Gold, Cointreau, lime juice, pineapple juice, and Passoa.


Whiskey & Cognac

Hennessy XO £17.85 25ml

A cognac both elegant and complex which combines a strong identity with a unique style.

Hennessy Paradis £79.00 25ml

The cognac Hennessy Paradis is known for its voluptuous and harmonious aroma.
It consists of eaux-de-vie, which reflects the personality of such a delightful cognac: supple, light and round.

Glenmorangie Signet £19.00 25ml

A fusion of unique and rare elements, and clouded in secrecy, Signet is the culmination of a lifetime’s experience. A blend of our oldest whisky distilled over thirty years

Sparkling Wine

Chandon Brut Classic £54.00

Chandon Brut Classic consistently expresses our signature flavour profile of apple, pear & citrus flavours & aromas with a hint of spice that leads to a soft, dry finish.

Chandon Garden Spritz £50

Inspired by the Argentinian passion for bitter flavours, this spritz combines fine sparkling wine with a liqueur crafted from locally sourced oranges and a secret mix of herbs and spices.


House Wines

By the Bottle


Bacchus – Chapeldown £60.00

Chardonnay – Chapeldown £55.00


Numanthia Red £110.00

Cloudy Bay Pinot Noir £95.00

By the Glass


Bacchus – Chapeldown 250ml £23.00

Chardonnay – Chapeldown 250ml £23.00


Manzanos Rioja Crianza 250ml £14.00

Baglio Gibellina Passimiento 250ml £17.00