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The health and safety of our guests and staff are of paramount importance to us and we ask that you please adhere to the policies we have put in place to ensure your stay and visit with us is a safe one.

As from 19th July, the following policies will be in place at the Hythe Imperial Hotel.

Whilst we would like for you to enjoy the 5-star service you have come to love at the 4-star Hythe Imperial, some of our usual services have been put on hold as your safety comes first as well as all the staff.

The hotel reserves the right to ask a guest to leave if they are showing signs of any symptoms of Covid-19 and if a guest is not adhering to our policies.

Below is a list of what we have undertaken so far and will be updated should any changes occur.

We ask that all customers still use the NHS QR code to check-in when using the hotel. Posters will be displayed around the hotel.

Please be aware that our hotel check-in time is from 4.00pm, but we cannot always guarantee your rooms will be ready and there may be up to an hour delay on this time and all guests must be checked out by 11.00am. We are unable to offer early check-in or late check-out until further notice.

There will be no end to this virus if we all do not take responsibility as it’s now all up to us all to keep safe.

All our measures will be reviewed on a monthly basis so please keep a close eye on this page.

Last update 26.10.2021

More details on our Covid-19 measures


Since we have reopened the majority of our guests have been well behaved, but there is the minority that have been abusive towards the hotel’s management and staff whilst trying to ensure all are safe whilst at the hotel.

We would respectfully ask that all guests pay particular attention to the following;

We expect all guests to behave in a family-friendly manner. Profanity and unruly behaviour are offensive to other hotel guests and staff and will be cause for ejection without refund.

Hythe Imperial Hotel has a zero-tolerance policy in which it will refuse to admit or refuse service or accommodation in the hotel or may remove a person who: while on the premises of the hotel acts in an obviously intoxicated or disorderly manner, destroys or threatens to destroy hotel property, or causes or threatens to cause a public disturbance; or refuses or is unable to pay for the accommodations or services.

The hotel reserves the right to limit the number of persons who may occupy a particular guest room in the hotel and may only allow registered guests to use its facilities. A person who negligently or intentionally causes damage to the hotel or any furniture or furnishings within the hotel shall be liable for damages sustained by the hotel staff, including the hotel’s loss of revenue resulting from the inability to rent or lease rooms while the damage is being repaired. Should this damage come to light after the guest has departed, the Hotel reserves the right to charge the guest’s credit card.

No exceptions will be made and we appreciate your cooperation on this matter.

Public Areas

  • Hand sanitiser stations are situated around the hotel and clearly marked and available for guests to use.
  • Enhanced cleaning practices have been undertaken in conjunction with Diversey our chemical provider in all public areas, washrooms and lifts.
  • We will not be offering concierge services at the present time.
  • We will not be able to store your luggage or carry it to your room for you.
  • Increased cleaning frequency in all public areas, two hourly checks of all washrooms, staircases, door handles, etc.
  • We ask that you please use the toilet facilities in your bedroom where possible and not use the public toilets on the ground floor.
  • We have enhanced staff members’ safety with personal protective equipment and training.
  • Sanitised key cards for entry to your room.
  • There is a guest lift available on the ground floor that will be cleaned every two hours.
  • We ask that you social distance whilst using the lift and only members of the same party may use the lift at any one given time. However, we recommend that you use the stairs as we cannot guarantee who has used the lift in between our cleaning regime.
  • All our furniture in our restaurants and meeting rooms will be disinfected twice a day.
  • We recommend that you wear a face mask in public areas of the hotel.

Guests Who Test Positive For Covid-19

In the event that a guest tests positive whilst they are staying with us, we ask that they follow the below procedure as it is in line with the government guidelines.

  • The guest by law must inform the hotel immediately when they test positive.
  • We will ask the guest what outlets they have been in whilst at the hotel since their arrival, which the government track and trace system will do the same.
  • We will then contact all the guests who have been in the listed areas at the same time and inform them that someone has tested positive, as will the government.
  • As with the above, we have a strict cleaning system in place when each guest leaves an outlet, we clean where they have been.
  • We will ask the guest to leave the hotel immediately as we are not a self-isolating hotel and for the safety of the rest of our guests.
  • We are working closely with the NHS and the local authority EHO to ensure we follow the hotel’s legal duty.


  • Menus will be cleaned after each use.
  • All our menus are available on our Hythe Imperial Hotel App.
  • We will not be allowing external takeaways to be brought into the hotel to eliminate cross-contamination and this includes the Holy Pundit Restaurant.
  • Room Service – food orders will be available 24 hours as per usual.


  • We are operating a buffet style breakfast.
  • Our service may be slower than normal as we try to accommodate all our guests and we ask that you be patient with us.
  • Service will strictly be on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • The hotel will also not be doing room service on high occupancy days.

Dinner in the AA Rosette Coast Restaurant

  • Enhanced staff members’ safety with personal protective equipment and training.
  • We ask that payment is made by card where possible and our card machines will be disinfected after each use.

Hotel Bars

Moet & Chandon Champagne Bar

  • Will remain closed until further notice.


  • Once you have checked into your room, our housekeeping team will not enter your room until your departure. This is to remain in place until the full vaccination program has been rolled out and all our staff have been double vaccinated.
  • Should any team member need to access your room at your request, we will ask that you please vacate the room whilst they investigate/fix the fault.
  • Please contact reception on 0 to request extra towels and other amenities.
  • All switches and electronic controls have been disinfected.
  • All door handles and knobs have been disinfected.
  • The safe handle and keypad have been disinfected.
  • The telephone and remote control have been disinfected.
  • The climate control panel has been disinfected.
  • All our bathroom amenities have been disinfected.
  • All the major bathroom surfaces including the toilet handle and seat have been disinfected.
  • Robes have been disinfected.
  • All our beds and bedding including duvet covers, pillowcases and sheets have been disinfected.
  • All hard surfaces including the nightstands have been disinfected.
  • Once the room has been cleaned and disinfected, no staff member will enter the rooms to ensure that when you check-in, you are entering a clean and safe room.
  • All digital keys have been sterilised.
  • All paper amenities have been removed from the rooms and these can now be found on our app. If you are unable to access our app during your stay, please contact reception, who will be happy to arrange for a sterilised copy to be sent to your room.
  • Please refer to our app on how to work the air conditioning unit within your room.
  • Please be aware that our hotel check-in time is from 4.00pm, but we cannot always guarantee your rooms will be ready and there may be up to an hour delay on this time and all guests must be checked out by 11.00am. We are unable to offer early check-in or late check-out until further notice.
  • Room Service – food orders will be available 24 hours as per usual.

Meeting & Function Rooms

The capacity for all our function rooms has been reduced to allow for more space. Please contact our Sales Team on 01303 267441 or for more information.


Events will be taking place, but at reduced numbers.

Staff Measures

  • All Staff are required to wear face masks in all public areas of the hotel.
  • We have compiled a full set of operational standards and guidelines that all staff will be adhering to.
  • We will be reviewing and updating our standards every month.
  • All staff members will have their temperatures taken prior to starting their shift and we will continue to monitor the health and safety of our guests and team.
  • Staff will be supplied with appropriate and adequate PPE in order to fulfil their roles and protect our customers and themselves.
  • Hand sanitiser will be supplied for all staff to access.
  • Full protective training will have taken place for each staff member prior to them being allowed to work in their respective departments.
  • Frequent cleaning of staff resting areas will be in place.
  • A health and safety briefing will take place prior to each shift to update staff on any changes to safety guidelines.
  • Any team member with symptoms or if someone in their household has symptoms will be asked to self-isolate in line with governmental guidelines.
  • Please be aware our first aid staff have the right to refuse to help if they do not feel confident or at risk. We will however offer plasters and dressings to self-administer for any minor injuries.

Spa & Leisure Facilities

The Spa and Leisure facilities will open, but with limited spaces so please refer to their website as per the link below.

Please keep up to date with all the measures we will be putting in place, on our website.

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