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Wedding bridal bouquet trends

Planning a wedding involves a lot of preparation, and sometimes the last thing that brides-to-be consider is the flowers. But the bridal bouquet makes as much of a statement as the dress and décor, so don’t leave it till the last minute! Here are some of the top trends for the 2019/20 season when it comes to your flowers.

Handtied bouquet in pastels

If you’re planning an outdoor summer wedding, a pretty, handtied bouquet with flowers in pastel shades is a great option. Choose pinks, peaches and whites with plenty of textures to match the summer season and go for a look that suggests you’ve just been into the garden and scooped up your favourite blooms.

Delicate mini bouquets

This is a great option for those whose theme is understated. You may choose a single stem, in which case the protea, English rose or magnolia makes a lovely statement. You could couple it with a fern or eucalyptus stem to add a little greenery too.

Alternatively, go for a small, simple cluster of your favourite flower, all in the same tone. This gives a polished, modern look and really makes the colour of the bouquet stand out.

Foliage bouquets

Foliage bouquets are big this season, with lots of texture and shape, and varying shades of green to create an organic, dramatic feel. Adding herbs can bring fragrance to the mix too, delighting several senses at once. You can add in small flowers for points of colour or, for winter weddings, choose plants such as holly or hawthorn that have berries.

Scented blooms

The scent of flowers can be just as mesmerising as their visual appearance, and many brides are opting for bouquets that smell as good as they look. Flowers such as lavender, freesias, sweet peas and lilacs are popular choices, bringing fragrance as well as colour. Be sure not to mix too many scented flowers in though – you want a pleasant, understated aroma rather than overpowering or conflicting smells.

Hanging bouquets

A hanging bouquet is an elegant option that enables you to keep your hands free too. Keep things simple by choosing two complementary colours and some foliage arranged around a pretty hoop that you can carry over your forearm.

Cascade bouquets

Cascade bouquets enable you to show off all your favourite flowers and taper downwards, with blooms and foliage hanging in front of the hand. They can be tailored to suit high-end weddings and inexpensive ceremonies alike, and have an elegant feel.

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