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Keep calm and enjoy your wedding day

Pre-wedding nerves are perfectly normal. But don’t let wobbly knees spoil the fun. This is your day to remember forever. So, here’s how to have a calm and happy wedding morning.

  1. Stay at the wedding venue

Calling all brides-to-be. If you’re worried about being on time, why not stay at or near the place you’re going to tie the knot? Wedding venues in Kent such as the Hythe Imperial Hotel offer luxury rooms for the wedding party and guests and so it may well be worth checking in early so you can relax and unwind. As the bride, you’re sure to get special attention and you won’t have to worry about hiring a taxi or enduring a long journey on the morning of your celebration.

Take a look at the Hythe Imperial’s wedding packages in Kent for more information about the venue and what to expect. Wedding packages include the Imperial Wedding package which includes a whole array of luxuries from a red-carpet arrival to a complimentary glass of prosecco. There’s also Sunday Wedding packages, December Wedding packages, Gazebo Wedding packages and more.

  1. Gather your tribe

If possible, try to encourage everyone involved in the wedding to arrive the night before. Or early on the actual day. This will stop you from worrying about where they are. And if they’re caught in traffic and so on. When it comes to beautifying, it’s lovely for bridesmaids to get ready in the same room as the bride and if you’ve booked a room you can enjoy some last-minute alone time alone with the girls before the ceremony.

As a top tip – make sure everyone knows the beauty schedule way in advance so they can get ready. Bridesmaids may need to wash their hair two days prior to an up do for instance. Send all beauticians and hairdressers specific directions and instructions to ensure the morning runs smoothly.

  1. Pop the bubbly

If your wedding is later in the day and you’ve time to spare, what better way to calm pre-wedding jitters than with a glass of celebratory bubbly? Order some to your room or head to a relaxed environment for a tipple such as the Hythe Imperial Hotel’s Moet & Chandon Champagne Bar, Hythe. Enjoy spectacular views of the seafront and take a few much-needed deep breaths.

A word of warning: Don’t overdo it. One glass of bubbly is probably enough as you want to feel relaxed, not tipsy, as you walk down the aisle. Instead of knocking back the alcohol, treat yourself to a bottle of quality Champagne and enjoy each sip while talking with your family and friends in a comfortable environment. If you’ve a late wedding, you could also stay chilled with an afternoon tea in Hythe.

  1. Have your wedding attire ready

While the groom needs to show up looking spic and span, it’s the bride’s dress everyone is going to be talking about. It’s a huge focal point at most weddings. So, why not hang it up as soon as you can, not only to admire it but to prevent creases? To ensure you’re completely prepared, it’s also a good idea to lay out your shoes, veil, accessories and such so you won’t forget anything when you’re nervous.

Top tip: Check the bottom of your shoes for stickers as leaving them on could ruin your look.

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