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Harry Potter Wedding Ideas

Many couples want their wedding to say something about who they are. And if you and your partner are big fans of J. K. Rowling’s wizarding world, why not show off your Potter-pride on your big day? Not only is it fun for child-friendly celebrations, it’s a great way to get the adults enthused too!

Potion cocktails

Serving cocktails before the wedding breakfast? Why not pop them into potion bottles and label them with the name of one of Professor Snape’s signature brews? You can provide non-alcoholic ones for the kids and designated drivers too.

Hogwarts inspired tables

The possibilities are endless when it comes to the names and/or themes of your tables. Name each after a subject studied at Hogwarts (Divination, Transfiguration, Charms etc.), a magical creature (hippogriff, unicorn, niffler), or a spell (protego, expelliarmus, alohomora).

Photo booth dress-up

This is an obvious way to keep the spirit of Hogwarts running into the evening celebrations. Furnish your photo booth with witches’ hats, wizarding robes, a broomstick or two, and any other Potter-related accessories you choose. You can be sure your guests will make good use of them.

Hogwarts wedding invitations

You may not be able to get them delivered by owl, but you could invite your guests to your Harry Potter themed wedding with invitations written in green ink on parchment – just like the letter Harry receives to invite him to study at Hogwarts. You can even buy Hogwarts wax seals online if you wanted to go all-out.

Chocolate frog favours

If you’re looking for Harry Potter wedding ideas that will add a splash of fun to the feast, why not leave chocolate frog wedding favours on the place of each guest? They won’t come to life, but they’ll transport everyone straight to Honeyduke’s.

House inspired cupcakes

Many couples opt for a stack of cupcakes in lieu of a traditional cake. Choosing cupcakes means you can have them decorated in all the Hogwarts house colours, making them a fun celebration of both your nuptials and your favourite books.

Find the golden snitch

Family-friendly weddings often require some entertainment for the kids while the bride and groom have their photos. If your ceremony and celebration are in the same venue, why not keep younger guests occupied with a golden snitch treasure hunt? Give them each a Marauder’s Map and some clues to follow, then reward their efforts with chocolates wrapped in gold foil.

Hire a harpist

In Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, Professor Quirrell enchants a harp to soothe Fluffy, the three-headed dog, to sleep while he attempts to steal the Philosopher’s Stone. So what better music to use as you walk down the aisle than harp music? You could even see if your harpist will play the Harry Potter theme as you head to the altar.

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