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Wedding Invitation Ideas

Sending out wedding invitations can make things seem incredibly real and exciting. You might want to add unique wedding invitation wording to help your invites stand out or include special graphics or photographs your wedding guests will love. Whatever your wedding invitation ideas might be, here are 5 things you must include.

Date, Time and Location

Whatever you do, be sure to include these important details on your invitation. The date, time and location are all essential and will help your wedding preparations to run smoothly. If there’s something special about your date, then it’s a good idea to make this clear too. Perhaps it’s during a seasonal holiday or on a bank holiday. Or maybe you’ve gone for a mid-week event to help cut costs. Highlight this and give people plenty of time to plan. Also, if your wedding breakfast and after-party is somewhere different to where you’ll have the service, it’s worth bringing this to the attention of guests.


If you’re planning a local wedding with local people, then directions won’t be so much of an issue. But weddings usually involve inviting people from abroad or another part of the country. For this reason, it’s really important to include a map of your chosen location/s as well as the address and postcode to avoid any confusion. Being specific will also allow your guests to make accommodation plans and check out their travel routes.

Wedding Gift List

If you want to minimise back and forth communication with guests continuously asking what to buy you, include a wedding gift list with your invitation. The best way to do this is to include a link to a particular retailer, but try not to be overly demanding and don’t choose anywhere that’s super expensive. Write a little note stating that ‘if’ people would like to buy a wedding gift, they can head over to *enter link* and you’d be most grateful.

Plus Ones and Dress Codes

Your wedding invitations should be clear and concise yet friendly. They can be used to clear up any questions people might have. If plus ones are allowed, make this clear. If it’s an adult only event, this should be stated too so parents and carers can make appropriate arrangements. Another thing you should note is the dress code. Is it a black tie event? Do you have a particular theme? Or are you keeping things casual? There’s no right or wrong way to celebrate your love, but letting people know your choice is essential.


Knowing how many people can attend your wedding day is a crucial part of the planning process. Always include an RSVP card along with an address and stamped envelope to make replying as easy as possible for your guests. You could also pop your phone number on the invitation as people might want to call and congratulate you while RSVPing at the same time.

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